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Message from the PIF President

From the President

I don’t talk about if often, but my godfather was an attorney and he completed suicide. I looked up to him and admired him. He volunteered to teach history and civics at our high school for years. He was a tough, but fair teacher with a brilliant mind.

I also lost a friend who was an attorney and an alumni of my college. We met years after we both graduated and I only knew him for a short time, but his suicide deeply impacted me. Mostly, I did not recognize the signs that afterward were so evident. I wondered what more I could have done.

There have been others. And, there are many who dull the pain of life and the experiences of their profession by turning to substances to cope. For many, this turns to addiction. And, their lives often fall apart and their families suffer.

I have been on the board of the Personal Impact Foundation for a few years now. At PIF, we focus on educating and equipping the students who are going into the legal, medical, and dental professions with the emotional resilience tools and skills they need to thrive.

We also provide skill training for those who are practicing professionals today.  Finally, when a professional has completed suicide, we provide access to postvention support for the family and friends.

These professionals face some of the highest rates of addiction and suicide. Our goal is to change that. We are deeply grateful for any level of support you can provide. Every dollar you donate really does help save lives.

In 2020, we have been developing new tools using AI (artificial intelligence) to help reach people who are dealing with the symptoms and situations that precede addiction and suicide. In 2021, with your support, we will expand that work.

Tony Bodoh
PIF President