About Us

Why Us​

Mental health and well-being are more than buzz words and trends. PIF has developed comprehensive mindfulness and emotional resilience practices for the professional student. We deliver the content live while our platform is available 24/7 when students access it, and in the manner that creates a lasting positive impact based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) data. We work directly with your university to integrate the training into your core curriculum. Programs are In-a-Box ready for each student with availability for faculty and administration having access.

Why Now

Being first to market with a solution is not an automatic advantage, yet in our innovative work, it is. We have deep reverence and understanding of suicide prevention and its unique impact on practicing dentists, physicians, and lawyers. We recognize that there has never been a more challenging time for students in the legal, medical, and dental professions. Advances in mindfulness and resilience research have finally unlocked valuable and proven methods to install and sustain the effects of these practices. Universities are seeing the need for implementing mindfulness and resilience training as a part of their core curriculum.